Preparing for Disaster: Using the Cloud Properly to Keep Your Business Running During the Unexpected

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When a disaster strikes a business, the resulting downtime costs a small to mid-sized company an average of $1,230 per minute. In this day and age it's not a question of if a disaster will strike -- it's a matter of when it will occur. Whether it's a hurricane or a server misconfiguration, companies need to have a disaster recovery solution that allows them to continue operating while their IT department resolves the problem.

Shifting your mission critical systems to the cloud presents a formidable range of challenges for many organizations, and making sense of cloud computing is not a trivial task. The volume, diversity and intensity of opinions on what cloud can do for your organization are relentless.

In this webinar, Rob Livingstone will examine some of the key considerations of disaster recovery planning in the hybrid cloud environment and how, paradoxically, cloud could either be the cause of your disaster or have the potential to save you from one. He will offer practical insights and tips on how you should approach the cloud when it comes to planning for the worst, so that you come out looking your best.

You'll also hear from Larry Lang, CEO of Quorum. Lang will focus on the importance of going beyond traditional backup methods to implement a disaster recovery and management plan that enables business continuity and prevents costly downtime.

This session will explore:

  • The business impact of system downtime
  • An overview of the top "disasters" small to mid-sized businesses must prepare for -- from hurricanes to system updates
  • Real-world examples of successful disaster recovery plans across various industries




Larry Lang


Rob Livingstone
Rob Livingstone Advisory Pty Ltd

Moderated By:

Robert Brooks
Penton Media

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