The New Rules for Finance Talent Development

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A growing number of CFOs are investing in novel programs that train finance professionals to partner effectively with business decision makers. In fact, new research from APQC, a non-profit business research firm, indicates that the best finance organizations are those with a strong commitment to professional training, including crucial soft-skills training such as courses on persuasive presenting. This webinar will illustrate what leading CFOs are doing to build managerial skills not adequately addressed in a traditional accounting curriculum. You'll see why they are emphasizing the ability to communicate concisely with top executives, negotiate with managers in other domains, build effective teams, and collaborate with others in pursuit of common goals. It will also offer guidance on creating career development programs for finance executives. You will learn why experts say "retention begins at recruitment," and how to build sturdy ladders for finance people to move up in the ranks. Finally, you'll receive tips for assessing when people are prepared to move into new roles.



  Mary Driscoll
Senior Research Fellow -- Financial Management
  Elissa Tucker
Knowledge Specialist -- Human Capital

Moderated By:

David Blanchard
Editorial Director
Business Finance

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