Oct 30, 2013

Free Cash Margins Are Up and Stabilized 

Georgia Tech analysis also notes that median revenues inched down, possibly signaling slowing economy....More
Jul 09, 2014

DC’s “Yoga Tax,” “Turkey Tax,” “Tan Tax,” “Too-much-stuff Tax”

There’s never a solution that makes everyone happy when taxes are increased....More
Aug 29, 2011

Navigating the Risk Awareness Cycle

Companies of all sizes are searching for direction as they seek growth during these tumultuous economic times. Some companies are looking for better ways to deploy capital while others are simply fighting for survival. It is during times such as these....More
Jun 26, 2013

Software Aims to Prevent Foreign Corrupt Practices

Software can help improve the effectiveness of monitoring and auditing to support anticorruption efforts....More
Jun 22, 2012

Salaries Flat but Looking Up for Accountants

In anticipation of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) annual conference next week in Las Vegas, we asked Jeff Thomson, CMA and president and CEO of IMA, to weigh in on some of the most significant results from the 2012 IMA annual salary....More
Dec 11, 2013

Risk Chat: What’s the Deal with Corporate Trade and Asset Portfolio Risk?

The marketing plan, which incorporates information like order size and frequency of deliveries for each channel and outlet, is the lifeblood of any company with a supply chain....More
Feb 13, 2015

Mining the Minds – Leverage the Workforce’s Knowledge

Business intelligence (BI) software tools are useful but not sufficient for potentially better decision making. New technologies are surfacing that leverages the knowledge of what is arguably an organization’s most valuable asset – its own employees....More
Feb 22, 2011

Sustainable Working Capital Improvements: Making Best Practices Stick

When the credit markets suddenly froze during the financial crisis, finance teams at large companies went into triage mode and raised spare-cash levels to unprecedented heights. What's happened since then? One year ago, APQC's financial management....More
May 09, 2013

FATCA: New Rules in the Offshore Assets Game

Know your customer, know your FATCA obligations, know your filing and reporting requirements, and know the IRS is intent on finding your offshore assets and penalizing those not willing to play by their rules....More
Dec 18, 2012

The Transformation of Planning Best Practices by Technology

This blog is the twelfth in a series developed from research underwritten by SAP which explores how new technologies such as cloud computing, mobility, and in-memory processing of Big Data are expanding planning, budgeting and forecasting best practices....More