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Dec 11, 2013

Risk Chat: What’s the Deal with Corporate Trade and Asset Portfolio Risk?

The marketing plan, which incorporates information like order size and frequency of deliveries for each channel and outlet, is the lifeblood of any....More
Amad Fida, Brinqa's CEO
Nov 11, 2013

Risk Chat: All Data is Not Created Equal 

Brinqa CEO Amad Fida on common misconceptions about risk analytics and some metrics companies are using to monitor internal controls....More
Nov 07, 2013

Board Members Want More Time for Succession Planning, Competitive Analysis and Risk Management 

C-suite directors would rather spend more time on talent grooming and less time on regulations compliance....More
Oct 09, 2013

The CFO's Growing Role in Cyber Security 

CFOs should take a more active role in bolstering their company's cyber security efforts....More
Marie Meliksetian, Xchanging
Sep 30, 2013

Risk Chat: What's Wrong (and What's Right) with CFO-CPO Relationships? 

Should CPOs report to CFOs? Xchanging's Marie Meliksetian offers insights into why that might be a good idea, and offers other suggestions for....More
Sep 25, 2013

How Dodd-Frank and Big Data are Disrupting CEO Pay 

Forget the CEO-to-typical-employee pay ratio. What about CEO-to-CEO compensation comparisons?....More
Sep 16, 2013

Is Rigidity a CFO Leadership Risk? 

Finance executives may not be developing the specific leadership muscles they need to power their functions and their companies to the top....More
Aug 29, 2013

How Finance and HR Can Address Top Human Risks 

One way HR and finance can address their own organization’s top people risks is by measuring training ROI....More
Aug 15, 2013

The Compliance Game Needs Changes

It's becoming very difficult to distinguish among rules-breaking professional athletes and rules-breaking business professionals....More
Ken Fritz, Trintech
Aug 07, 2013

Risk Chat: Closing-Process Problems

Trintech’s Ken Fritz offers guidance on how finance execs can deal with the increased burden of new SEC regulations....More
Jul 25, 2013

What's Wrong with Internal Audit?

To succeed, internal audit functions need to forge trusting relationships with their business partners....More
Jul 17, 2013

The Decline of Business Acumen

Nearly half of senior executives identify external skills shortages as a major obstacle inhibiting their company’s ability to meet strategic goals....More
Jul 10, 2013

A Compliance MRI

While budgets are generally not decreasing, only 37 percent of companies’ budgets for central compliance functions are increasing....More
Jun 10, 2013

Is Big Data About to Get a Bad Name?

Big Data feels as if it’s ripe for reputational risk....More
Jun 07, 2013

Personality Risk Trumps Structural Risk

Innovative thinking is creeping its way into governance, compliance and risk management (GRC) discussions....More
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