It's hard to deny the growing power of social media and mobile technology. Now firmly entrenched across sweeping areas of our personal lives, these technologies are also being adopted in the business world in new, game-changing ways that can be particularly challenging for CFOs.

Mobility no longer means just checking your e-mail or calendar when you're away from the office. Many financial applications can now be accessed on a tablet or smart phone. And while social media may not seem like a natural part of a finance department's game plan, CFOs are increasingly being forced to take it into account. Employees are going to use it -- now it's just a question of how, when and to what end.

While social media and mobility can offer many benefits to finance departments, like increased collaboration, productivity and response times, it can also pose a number of risks related to the protection of sensitive data and the lightning speed with which these technologies turn thoughts into actions. The key is finding ways to leverage these technologies while also controlling them.