Real-Time Analysis, Budgeting and Forecasting

PowerOLAP from Paris Technologies Inc. is an analytics product that targets middle-market businesses. PowerOLAP can connect to relational transaction databases and use their data to create multidimensional structures that can be shared among business-analysis workgroups. The software offers a data write-back capability for updating budgets or actuals.

It can read the databases of a number of midtier accounting suites to automatically create and update analytical data cubes. Users can then query and generate reports from these data cubes. PowerOLAP provides data access and ad hoc reporting through a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. All Excel graphing and charting functions link directly to the live data and are instantly updated within the spreadsheet.

Paris Technologies Inc., 601 Hyde Park, Doylestown, PA 18901. (215) 340-2890. Web address:

Profit Maximization for Manufacturers

The Maxager System from Maxager Technologies Inc. is a real-time profit-analysis application that uses online analytical processing (OLAP) technology to quantify a plant’s profit-making potential, or total available profit (TAP). Maxager’s continuously updated reports calculate how much more profit a plant could achieve and identify the specific changes that the plant needs to make to reach its profitability potential. Manufacturers can determine the TAP of a given product mix under current operating conditions, then compare that figure with the TAP that the company would have with a different product mix or different production operations. The Maxager System is designed to integrate business information from the executive suite to the plant floor, reducing the cycle time for decision-making in batch-based manufacturing environments. The Maxager System runs atop Oracle in a Windows NT client/server environment.

Maxager Technologies Inc., 2173 E. Francisco Blvd., San Rafael, CA 94901. (888) MAXAGER. Web address:

IT Accounting System

NetCFO 2.0 from Tribeca Software Inc. is an accounting system for monitoring and charging departments for their share of an enterprise network’s traffic. The product suite lets information technology (IT) managers monitor usage of an enterprise network and produces detailed reports. Version 2.0 allows for more precise IT-resource budgeting and gives network managers a better understanding of how much bandwidth different users and departments are consuming. NetCFO uses Tribeca’s Network Traffic Analytical Processing (NTAP) technology to capture, analyze and report on network traffic in business terms. Version 2.0 includes enhancements in the areas of system configuration and management, collection, and reporting and billing. IT managers can define network services to include any combination of network traffic flows, then set and maintain rates and billing methods for usage of each defined service. NetCFO also lets IT managers input and view fixed or other charges that aren’t based on usage, such as hardware, infrastructure, services or telecommunications expenses.

Tribeca Software Inc., 145 Hudson St., New York, NY 10013. (212) 219-4488. Web address:

Budget Maestro Manufacturing

Planet Corp. recently released a manufacturing version of its flagship budgeting application, Budget Maestro. Budget Maestro Manufacturing allows users to specify raw-material and labor costs on a monthly basis and specifies total costs for each revenue-producing product using information about the product’s components. The software lets users check expenses that relate to the cost of goods. The manufacturing version of Budget Maestro can be ordered and downloaded directly from Planet’s Web site. Existing customers can download the upgrade for $500 per license.

Planet Corp., 233 Cochituate Rd., Framingham, MA 01701. (800) 366-5111. Web address:

Enterprise Risk Management

InQuis Logic is a Web-based, interactive knowledge tool created to help corporate executives and risk managers locate business resources related to risk management and identify their risk exposures. The Web site might also be of interest to brokers, insurance carriers and midlevel corporate managers who want to address risk-management issues in their departments. The site provides a database of more than 180 types of risk. Each risk page highlights the processes useful in managing the risk; includes a background section that explains the risk’s root causes, effects and alerts, and the rewards of taking the risk; and provides a pull-down menu of associated business processes that helps users identify different areas in which the risk can occur. Subscribers can search for risks by keyword, category or business process, or by using a pull-down menu called the Quick Risk Finder. The site also provides an About Risk Management section, which should be helpful to anyone new to the concept of risk management or to experienced managers who need a quick refresher course. Subscribers can discuss risks with experts and peers and gain experiential knowledge from the site’s Best Practices and Lessons Learned libraries.

InQuisLogic Inc., 100 First Stamford Pl., Ste. 360, Stamford, CT 06902. (203) 356-3580. Web address:

Year 2000-Readiness Report on Foreign Banks, Governments

Whitehall Consultants has prepared an in-depth review of the Year 2000 readiness of banks and government entities in Asia, Latin America and Europe. The report identifies the major banks in these regions; for each bank, it provides a brief background and assesses the Year 2000 readiness of the bank, the banking sector in the bank’s country, and the country’s central government. The report is intended to provide an accurate assessment of international customers’ potential risks and to identify the regions and countries in which currency risks, transfer problems and other concerns may be present.

Whitehall Consultants, P.O. Box 1715, Smyrna, TN 37167. (615) 223-1125. Web address:

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