Many U.S. companies searching for sustainable growth venture into unfamiliar regions and new markets -- often allied with business partners, representatives and agents that are as unknown to them as the places they're just beginning to explore. The result: growth prospects can easily be derailed by unanticipated regulatory action. The antidote: borderless compliance, which is a corporate compliance strategy that applies the most stringent applicable standards and is well integrated into a company's global business operations. With borderless compliance, companies are able to successfully anticipate and proactively manage compliance risk, regardless of location or jurisdiction.

Covering every component of corporate compliance (e.g., anti-corruption, export controls, privacy and anti-trust activities, among others), a borderless compliance strategy can help companies that are striving to profitably capture and grow business. This approach consists of an operationalized, transnational compliance framework that's embedded throughout the business, without regard to global boundaries and jurisdictions.

Because of the rigors of current business and regulatory enforcement realities, it also demands active engagement from a variety of organizational stakeholders, not the least of whom are the CFO and the chief compliance officer (CCO).