Mary Driscoll

Senior Research Director, Financial Management, APQC

Mary Driscoll is APQC's practice leader for financial management. In this role, she is responsible for identifying and disseminating best practices and metrics used to improve the effectiveness of the office of the CFO. Driscoll has been researching and writing about the evolving role of the CFO—and the corporate finance function—for many years.

Since joining APQC in January 2009, Driscoll has been interviewing senior finance executives about their approaches to financial management during the recent economic slump. She has also been leading a peer group consortium study aimed at emerging performance management models and systems.

Prior to joining APQC, Driscoll served as president of CFO Research Services, an arm of CFO magazine, which is a unit of The Economist magazine. She was a founding senior editor at CFO magazine, where she developed numerous cover articles ranging from capital structure to CFO compensation. Driscoll also blogs on issues facing finance professionals.

Driscoll is the author of Cash Management—Corporate Strategies for Profit, published by John Wiley & Sons. A frequent speaker and author for financial management conferences and magazines, Driscoll combines her knowledge of the complex details of the finance function with the clarity of a seasoned writer and editor.

She earned her bachelor of arts degree with honors from the University of Massachusetts and studied management and accounting at Harvard University's program for postgraduate certification.

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