Carla Yrjanson

Vice President of Tax Research & Content for Indirect Tax, Thomson Reuters

Carla Yrjanson is the Vice President of Tax Research & Content for Indirect Tax within Thomson Reuters. She leads the Tax Research & Content Team which is responsible for delivering Sales/Use Tax and Value Added Tax rates and rules within the ONESOURCE Indirect Tax software. Carla has more than fifteen years of experience specializing in indirect taxes. Prior to Thomson Reuters, Carla was at Sabrix, which was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2009. Carla was also a tax auditor for the State of Washington for seven years and was a state and local tax manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers. Carla received her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Western Washington University, and her MBA from Washington State University. She is a CPA and is a member of the AICPA.

Posts by Carla Yrjanson

Jul 09, 2014

DC’s “Yoga Tax,” “Turkey Tax,” “Tan Tax,” “Too-much-stuff Tax”

There’s never a solution that makes everyone happy when taxes are increased....More
Carla Yrjanson, Thomson Reuters
May 29, 2014

Sales Tax Burden Stays Flat for U.S. Consumers and Businesses in Q1 2014

U.S. sales tax burden stayed flat, and indirect tax changes declined in the first quarter of 2014....More
Carla Yrjanson
Feb 05, 2014

Food, Teeth, Yachts, Alcohol and Marijuana: 2013 Quirky Sales Tax Laws Revealed

As if corporate tax departments didn’t have enough to deal with, our annual quirky taxes release underscores just how challenging sales and use....More
Carla Yrjanson
Jan 29, 2014

County Tax Assessors Investing in Technology: The Implications for Businesses

What can business do to keep in-step with increasingly technically-savvy local government?....More
Dec 12, 2013

Holiday Shopping: Will the Sales Tax Burden Shift to Online Retailers? 

Online retailers in certain states may be enjoying their last holiday season free from the sales tax compliance burden....More
Carla Yrjanson
Nov 19, 2013

Sales Tax Burden Increases for U.S. Consumers and Businesses in Q3 2013

Any tax change represents a significant operational burden for businesses that are chartered with collecting sales tax on behalf of government....More
Carla Yrjanson
Aug 23, 2013

Indirect Tax Continues to be a Top Compliance Burden for Businesses

Compliance with indirect tax is a huge business burden and all indications are that this trend will continue....More
Carla Yrjanson, Thomson Reuters
Jul 31, 2013

Back-to-School Tax Holidays: Good for Consumers, More Work for Retailers

Consumer tax breaks can be an operational nightmare for the retailers chartered with collecting sales tax on behalf of government....More
Carla Yrjanson
Jul 02, 2013

Use Tax Makes a Comeback

In this new blog from Thomson Reuters' Carla Yrjanson, we look at some of the steps states are taking to leave no use tax stone unturned....More