Treasurers Bullish on Money Market Funds


With most corporate investment policies centered on security and liquidity, it's probably not surprising that bank deposits and money market funds form the backbone of many corporate cash management investments, as a new survey of 215 treasurers by SunGard indicates. In fact, bank deposits account for more than two-thirds of companies' investments, while money market funds account for nearly half. Third in popularity, after bank deposits and money market funds, is another group of generally safe investments – government and treasury securities. About 29 percent of respondents include these in their portfolios.

The survey respondents come a mix of industries and from around the globe, although the biggest group – about 50 percent – are from the U.S. About 70 percent work at companies of $1 billion or more in revenue.

Variable NAV funds, as their name implies, have net asset values that fluctuate based on the underlying value of the securities, providing investors with greater price transparency. "Having more timely information lets investors make informed redemption decisions, which promotes gradual asset flows rather than sudden withdrawals," according to this paper from Deutsche Bank.

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