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Apr 01, 2013

Stupid Executives Should Be Fired!

April 1, 2013 A potential risk is lurking for opportunistic organizations losing sales. That is, there is a danger for companies that are making....More
Mar 24, 2013

Exceptional EPM/CPM Systems are an Exception

Many organizations overrate the quality of their enterprise and corporate performance management (EPM/CPM) methods and supporting software systems as....More
Mar 05, 2013

The US Government’s Sequester – Anything versus Everything

I tend to be an apolitical person. I try to be internally apolitical within organizations I am employed by as well as related to government politics....More
Feb 19, 2013

Academy Awards and Analytics-based Performance Management

I always find the acceptance speeches at Hollywood’s Academy Awards to be inspirational. The ones I enjoy most are Oscar recipients who thank the....More
Jan 09, 2013

Cowboy Accountants – The Lawless Frontier2

Can you imagine accountants as American cowboys of the Wild, Wild West in the 1800s? I can. And they can be dangerous. Yeehaw! Yippee-i-o-i-a! In....More
Dec 04, 2012

Why We Like to Play with Shiny Toys

I was recently a presenter in the financial planning and analysis (FP....More
Nov 05, 2012

Should You Obey or Defy Orders from Executives?

I have sometimes been a bit rebellious and disobeyed instructions and orders from my supervisors. This blog is intended to inspire those of you who....More
Sep 23, 2012

Frustrations of a Mover and Shaker for Managerial Accounting

Many who just read “managerial accounting” in this blog’s title are not bothering to read this. Why? They do not care. They only care about external....More
Aug 26, 2012

The CFO's Expanding Role -- Reality or Delusion?

At some risk but to be true to myself as a blogger, I am wondering if the many references and articles of the CFO's emerging role as a "trusted....More
Jul 16, 2012

Rules for Assuring Poor Performance

In 1773 Benjamin Franklin, one of the USA's founding fathers, wrote a pamphlet aimed at the royalty of England titled Rules by Which a Great Empire....More
Jun 05, 2012

How are the CFO's Team and Triple Crown Horses Similar?

The Kentucky Derby and Preakness horseraces, the first and second legs of the USA's prestigious Triple Crown races, have been run. The winner of both....More
May 05, 2012

CFO Leadership with Business Analytics -- Nature or Nurture?

At the 2011 conference of The Association for Operations Management (APICS) where I was a presenter I attended a provocative talk by Alan G. Dunn,....More
Mar 09, 2012

A Poorly Managed Company's Tour Guide

Publicly traded companies issue annual reports that increasingly look like magazines. Almost all organizations publish a brochure with glossy....More
Feb 10, 2012

Are Accountants Homo Accounticus?

I enjoy maturity and evolution models of all kinds, especially for business. There is a stages of maturity model for information technologies and....More
Jan 18, 2012

A Kite with a Broken String -- The Balanced Scorecard

How do executives expect to realize their strategic objectives if all they look at is financial results like product profit margins, return on equity....More
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