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Jun 26, 2013

Software Aims to Prevent Foreign Corrupt Practices

Software can help improve the effectiveness of monitoring and auditing to support anticorruption efforts....More
Robert Kugel, Ventana Research
May 24, 2013

Social Collaboration Is in Finance's Future

When tightly integrated into business software, social collaboration will enable people to resolve issues faster and with less effort than other....More
Mar 08, 2012

It's Getting Easier To Go Beyond Spreadsheets for Modeling

One trend in business software that's still in its early stages but gathering momentum is the availability of modeling tools that fill the gap....More
Jan 27, 2012

Some Ways To Get More Bang for Your IT Buck

One of the major issues IT executives face is how to charge their departmental costs back to each part of the business according to their usage. It's....More
Jan 20, 2012

Action-Oriented Analytics Can Help Manage Risk

Risk has always been an integral part of business, but as I've noted, companies deal with risk with varying degrees of effectiveness. A complex,....More
Dec 21, 2011

Users Should Apply ERP To Manage End-to-End Processes

ERP systems not only collect information about transactions, they also automate processes. The latter includes managing the handoffs between roles....More
Dec 09, 2011

Contingency Planning and the Euro's Collapse

I thought of writing a note on this topic when multinational corporations started to withdraw their deposits from eurozone banks, but the pessimism....More
Nov 22, 2011

Risk Analytics Has Benefits for Optimizing Performance

Risk has always been an integral part of business, but dealing effectively with risk is a progression. Indeed, history shows businesses adapting and....More
Nov 14, 2011

Crystal Ball Is Cloudy for ERP Market

As Workday continues to expand and the likelihood of its IPO becomes a more frequent topic of discussion, so does the movement of ERP systems to the....More
Nov 07, 2011

Host Analytics Decision Hub Offers Central Financial Repository

Host Analytics is taking advantage of one of the inherent advantages that vendors of software as a service (SaaS) have compared to on-premises ones:....More
Nov 01, 2011

Successful Price Optimization Has Multiple Dimensions

As its name suggests, demand-based pricing is a method that uses the buyer's demand, based on an estimate of a good's or service's perceived value to....More
Oct 24, 2011

Planning for Fixed-Asset Investment Requires the Right Tool, Not Just a Spreadsheet

In today's economy, all companies are contending with a dynamic business environment characterized by volatile commodity prices and exchange rates, a....More
Oct 14, 2011

A Practical Look at Driver-Based Planning

I hadn't thought about the exact definition of “driver-based planning” until the question came up in the context of our planning benchmark research....More
Oct 11, 2011

Apps Hard To Find at Oracle Open World

The assessment of a major focus of Oracle Open World by my colleague David Menninger sums up what I also see as the key strategic element of the....More
Oct 05, 2011

Just Buying Software Does Not Add Value

I read a blog post by Ben Lamorte, VP of marketing and sales at Alight Planning who delivers business and financial planning applications, who asks....More
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