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Remy Farag
Sep 09, 2013

U.S. Tax Rules Ill-Suited To Address Cross-Border Cloud Transactions

When it comes to applying traditional tax concepts to new cloud-based businesses models, the old rules aren’t keeping up....More
Carla Yrjanson
Aug 23, 2013

Indirect Tax Continues to be a Top Compliance Burden for Businesses

Compliance with indirect tax is a huge business burden and all indications are that this trend will continue....More
J. Harold McClure, Thomson Reuters
Aug 21, 2013

Building a Defense to Avoid Double Taxation

The issue of intercompany guarantee fees has generated controversy in the tax and transfer pricing arena....More
Carla Yrjanson, Thomson Reuters
Jul 31, 2013

Back-to-School Tax Holidays: Good for Consumers, More Work for Retailers

Consumer tax breaks can be an operational nightmare for the retailers chartered with collecting sales tax on behalf of government....More
Remy Farag, Thomson Reuters
Jul 26, 2013

FATCA: What Finance Professionals at U.S. Multinationals Need to Know

FATCA compliance should begin now with a thorough review of accounts payable processes....More
Robin Christian, Thomson Reuters
Jul 26, 2013

Employers Must Provide Notices to Employees on Health Care Coverage Options

A quick synopsis of the deadlines employers need to be aware of concerning the Affordable Care Act....More
Carla Yrjanson
Jul 02, 2013

Use Tax Makes a Comeback

In this new blog from Thomson Reuters' Carla Yrjanson, we look at some of the steps states are taking to leave no use tax stone unturned....More

Carla Yrjanson

Carla Yrjanson is the Vice President of Tax Research & Content for Indirect Tax within Thomson Reuters. She leads the Tax Research & Content Team which is responsible for delivering Sales/Use...

J. Harold McClure

Dr. James Harold McClure, senior manager of transfer pricing at Thomson Reuters, has over 18 years of transfer pricing and valuation experience and has authored a number of papers on the subject....
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