J. Harold McClure

Senior Manager of Transfer Pricing for the Tax & Accounting business, Thomson Reuters

Dr. James Harold McClure, senior manager of transfer pricing at Thomson Reuters, has over 18 years of transfer pricing and valuation experience and has authored a number of papers on the subject. He began his transfer pricing career at the Internal Revenue Service and has worked for some of the Big Four accounting firms as a litigation support entity. Dr. McClure has assisted multinational firms with U.S. and foreign documentation requirements, IRS audit defense, and international and multi-state tax and transfer pricing planning work. 

In his previously role with KPMG, Dr. McClure was responsible for the quality review of numerous reports from around the U.S. practice, as well as the transfer pricing aspects of the FIN 48 review for many of KPMG’s audit clients. He also worked with KPMG’s merger and acquisition team on tax due diligence for clients.

Before beginning his career in transfer pricing, Dr. McClure taught economics at Claremont Graduate School and Fordham University.

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