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Oct 30, 2013

Free Cash Margins Are Up and Stabilized 

Georgia Tech analysis also notes that median revenues inched down, possibly signaling slowing economy....More
Oct 29, 2013

SEC Proposes Crowdfunding Rules 

Is crowdfunding a boon to small business formation or a trap for unsophisticated investors?....More
Oct 24, 2013

As Amazon Grows, So Does the Number of States Collecting Taxes on Online Sales 

Many people simply aren’t all that familiar with the way in which online sales taxes work....More
Oct 16, 2013

Changes Coming to SMB Healthcare Tax Credit 

Credit percentage increases; insurance must be purchased through a SHOP Marketplace....More
Oct 10, 2013

Nature of the Income Determines Tax Implications in the Cloud 

Applying tax rules to cloud-based business models is challenging for companies, tax advisors and the government....More
Oct 02, 2013

SBA Loans Impacted by Government Shutdown 

Small businesses counting on funding from an SBA loan may be among the casualties of the government shutdown....More
Oct 01, 2013

Levin Legislation Takes Aim at Tax Abuse 

A new bill aims to deter the use of tax havens, combat tax haven abuse and end corporate offshore tax avoidance....More
Sep 26, 2013

Title 2 of JOBS Act Now in Place 

The general solicitation ban is removed, although investors must be accredited....More
Sep 23, 2013

Emerging Markets Lead in Growth of Noncash Payments 

B2B payments move from bilateral to multilateral, according to the World Payments Report....More
Sep 17, 2013

A Look at E-Invoicing Adoption and Payment Worldwide 

Tipping point leading to accelerated growth may occur in several years....More
Sep 11, 2013

Should the IRS Receive More Funding? 

Some are suggesting that the IRS is underfunded for the tasks it is assigned....More
Sep 05, 2013

A Closer Look at Tax Expenditures 

Tax expenditures significantly influence the taxpaying obligations of both businesses and individuals....More
Aug 30, 2013

Regs Issued on Tax Credit for Small Employers' Employee Health Insurance 1

Even as Affordable Care Act becomes effective, almost half of adults don’t understand it, survey shows....More
Aug 28, 2013

Taxing Online Sales Can Promote Growth, Study Shows 

Tax policies on online sales have accelerated a decline in states’ sales tax bases, which has led to higher tax rates....More
Aug 23, 2013

AP Automation Is Steadily Progressing

But competing initiatives may hinder efforts to secure funding for automation investments....More
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