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Feb 22, 2011

Sustainable Working Capital Improvements: Making Best Practices Stick

When the credit markets suddenly froze during the financial crisis, finance teams at large companies went into triage mode and raised spare-cash....More
Feb 02, 2011

Reregulation Gone Wild?

CFOs and treasurers are unhappy with an SEC proposed rule change that would require "quantitative and qualitative" disclosures about short-term....More
Jan 19, 2011

The Cost of Accounting and Reporting -- The Gaps Raise Eyebrows

At this time each year, teams of corporate accountants work fervently to close the books on last year's financial results. APQC's benchmarking....More
Dec 20, 2010

Gaining an Edge: Don't Tolerate Slow Financial Processes

The never-ending pursuit of cost reduction in financial management operations is all well and good — but do not overlook the negative impacts of slow....More
Nov 23, 2010

The New Talent Crisis in Finance

A new talent crisis is about to hit corporate finance. The word “new” is deliberate. This time, the challenge is not about the rising cost of good....More
Nov 03, 2010

Robo-signing and Sloppy Processes That Could Land You in Jail

Think you're having a bad day? Consider the CEOs and CFOs of the nation's biggest banks that have been caught up in the robo-signing scandal. They....More
Oct 13, 2010

How Shared Services Are Reinventing AP

A recent survey conducted by APQC revealed that managers of financial shared services operations are keen to deliver “business intelligence” to their....More
Sep 08, 2010

Beware of the Distressed Opportunity: When Cash Finally Runs Dry

Over the next six months, we can expect to hear a lot about beleaguered businesses being snapped up by stronger companies looking to buy some good....More
Aug 19, 2010

Getting the Jump on Performance Announcements

Last week, General Motors announced its return to steady financial footing. One equity analyst proclaimed in The Wall Street Journal that the....More
Aug 05, 2010

Getting Bad Grades in Risk Management

How good are North America's largest companies when it comes to detecting and dodging risks that can disrupt the hunt for growth and profit? It turns....More
Jul 12, 2010

The Economics of Shared Services Robots in the Cloud

Economists from all camps have been fiercely debating whether to end the U.S. government's fiscal stimulus program or expand it. In the process, they....More
Jun 17, 2010

The Risks You Don't Expect — CFOs Under 50, Take Notice!

"Our headquarters are situated two blocks away from a major downtown railyard, the central hub of multiple commercial rail lines. If there is a....More
May 27, 2010

Finance in 2020 — Robots in the Dark

Last week, I got a call from Eric Krell, who also blogs in this space for Business Finance. He had been hired by a professional association to....More
May 07, 2010

You Want Me to Do What? Accelerate Payments?

Financial operations are in the spotlight -- really and truly -- as early economic recovery unfolds. This area has been getting attention from senior....More
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