Mark Graham Brown

Mark Graham
Bullspeak: Why Business People Speak Like Idiots
One benefit of using technical and business jargon is that your boss might think you are smarter than your peers, and you may just get that big promotion.
Imperfect Vision
Not Much to See When It Comes to Vision Statements
Don't kid yourself about mission statements. Putting a bunch of words together and pasting them on the wall does not change a thing.
death by powerpoint
Death by PowerPoint  1
Learning to create a compelling presentation is an important skill that the vast majority of people lack.
avoiding corporate middle-aged spread
How to Avoid Corporate Middle-Age Spread  1
A Distraction Index can help you identify how many of the people in your organization are actually doing the jobs you hired them to do.
US flag
Is Your Company Anti-American? 3
Well-run U.S. companies should promote American jobs and the U.S. economy to be considered successful.
Don't Wait Till Your Customer Leaves to Start Studying His Buying Habits
Predictive analytics allow organizations to become more agile and lessen the numbers of surprises they encounter.
Performance Management by Any Other Name Still Works the Same
No matter what buzzword you use to call it, a good performance management system needs reliable metrics and powerful consequences to ensure accountability.
A Little Knowledge Management Can Be a Dangerous Thing
Don't fall into the trap of measuring KM by counting meaningless things that are easy to quantify and report on.
Is Your Corporate Wellness Program Making You Sick? 1
Wellness programs, if properly designed and executed, can bring an ROI as high as 6 to 1.
The Sustainability Index: How to Tell if You're Getting Greener
As with financial performance, sustainability success is measured using metrics that roll up into summary indices.
A Great Culture Does Not Ensure the Success of a Stupid Strategy
Organizational culture can be a major asset or a damaging liability that hinders all efforts to grow.
How to Spot a Bad Business Strategy
Strategies should be chosen based on the likelihood that your organization can actually make them work.
Using Social Networking to Measure Customer Satisfaction
New technologies and new metrics offer a scientific approach for measuring and improving the relationships companies have with key customers.
Forget Employee Engagement -- Are They Happy?
If you're only tracking your employees' moods through an annual survey, you're missing the chance to get feedback from them on a daily basis.
How to Measure a Company's Most Elusive Element: Culture
Organizational culture can be a major asset or a damaging liability. Though elusive, it is a dimension that needs to be measured and managed accurately to help ensure your success.
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