Larry Maisel

Gauging Your Predictive Business Analytics Capabilities Leads to Breakthrough Performance 
PBA helps companies better understand how their decisions and actions were determined and to have a reasonable level of confidence regarding outcomes and impacts.
Predictive Business Analytics: Cupcakes or Panini?
For a company to use PBA effectively, it must commit to a sustained and rigorous process to achieve meaningful results.
What Sabermetrics and Moneyball Can Teach Us about Predictive Analytics
There are parallels to be drawn between sabermetrics in baseball and how the business world uses analytical tools such as regression analysis to support predictive business analytics as a management practice, says Larry Maisel.
Revving Business Performance with Analytics
Beyond asking what happened and when, Predictive Business Analytics can help understand why circumstances happen and intelligently gauge what will come next.
How to Build a Predictive Business Analytics Foundation
More and more companies are establishing predictive business analytics (PBA) systems that can help identify how the future might look and what actions need to be taken. Establishing a clear, concise vision is the first step.
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