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Business to Washington: Get Back to Work 
AFP survey: Corporate finance execs identify potential negative impact from government shutdown, debt ceiling impasse.
Credit Conditions Are Getting a Little Better
Federal Reserve Board survey offers some reason for optimism, but SBA survey shows fewer small business loans.
State and Local Business Taxes Are Up
Benefits to business depend on proportion of education spending assumed to benefit business.
Delaware Now Allows B Corporations
Benefit corporations aim to address social problems while also earning a profit.
U.S. House Holds Hearing on the IRS’s Auditing of Small Businesses 1
IRS says it hasn’t been singling out certain small businesses for audits.
SEC OKs Some Private Securities Advertising
The SEC plans to implement a JOBS Act requirement that lifts the ban on general advertising for some private security offerings.
IRS Data Shows Gains in Pre-Tax Profits
By far, the largest portion of corporate returns consists of those with assets of up to $500,000.
Deadline for FBAR Is Rapidly Approaching
Treasury needs to receive reports by June 30.
Cash Flow Inches Up
Free cash flow apparently has stabilized at pre-recession levels.
Contingent Fee Audits On the Rise
The increased amount of audits poses concerns for all taxpayers, including businesses.
Community Banking Association Advocates End of Too-Big-to-Fail 1
The percentage of financial assets held by the largest banks has increased, even in the aftermath of the financial crisis.
Small Business Credit Index Does Better than Expected
Though credit conditions have improved, small firms will face headwinds for the remainder of 2013.
Inappropriate Behavior by IRS Raises Questions about 501(c)(4) Groups
The fact that social welfare groups can engage in some political activities, as long as they're not the groups' primary focus, leaves plenty of room for interpretation.
SBA Eases Financing for Women-Owned Businesses 1
A rule change by the Small Business Administration will make it easier for women-owned businesses to obtain financing.
Four Keys to Success in Crowdfunding
When it comes to choosing crowdfunding projects to invest in, the quality of the project absolutely matters.
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