Joanne Sammer

24/7 Access Often Masks Organizational Problems 
Companies are burning out their best and brightest by keeping them connected to the office much longer than necessary.
Healthcare Cost Increases and the Accuracy of Projections 
Healthcare costs are still increasing. However, they are increasing at a much slower rate than in the past.
Are You Paying the Right Amount in 401(k) Plan Fees? 
It might be time to renegotiate with your current vendor to obtain a better deal on 401(k) plan fees.
Link Round-Up: Potential COBRA Savings, a New SEC Rule and More Guidance on Same-Sex Marriage 
Could healthcare reform and its insurance exchanges render COBRA obsolete?
Employers Making Health Benefit Changes for 2014 
IBM, Trader Joes and Walgreens shake up their health benefits programs in anticipation of Obamacare changes.
Post-Obamacare Healthcare Access: Employer Problems and Solutions 
Employees are worried that Obamacare will overtax the healthcare system and lead to longer waits for care.
DOMA Reversal Affects All U.S. Employers 
All U.S. employers will need to make some changes to their benefit plans when the IRS ruling takes effect on September 16.
Link Round-Up: Employer Health Coverage Costs Jumped 4-5% in 2012 
Employees rebel against employer-mandated wellness programs.
Global Expansion Has CFOs Concerned about HR
Global growth brings its own unique HR challenges that CFOs may not even be considering.
Salary Increase Budgets Show Few Surprises for 2014 1
Research suggests that each recession has led to a permanent decline in salary increases.
Are 401(k) Fee Disclosures Making a Difference?
Only about half of employees are paying attention to their 401(k) fees.
Coming Very Soon: Better Communication about Health Care Reform
With Obamacare almost upon us, many employees still don’t understand what it all means for them.
Finance and HR Find Common Ground in Rewards
With neither HR nor finance completely happy with how reward programs are functioning, one challenge will be to find the right set of metrics to create the right types of programs.
Talent is Central to the Evolving CFO Role
CFOs need to broaden their skills and be open to input and feedback from other functional areas.
Delay of Employer Mandate is a “Welcome Reprieve” 1
The delay will give employers more time to get ready and it takes away the threat of serious tax penalties in 2014.
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